Death from the Shadows

(Preview a four minute narration of the upcoming audiobook – Kill Slade.)

The first warning he’d received was the creaking rusting hinges from his closed bedroom door. John Slade did not have time to pull his guns when the two outlaws opened fire with a hell of bullets killing his wife and leaving him for dead. Texas Ranger John Slade sought vengeance on the murdering owl hoots as he set off on a trail of violence and bloodshed. And seeking the help from famed Company “C”, of the Texas Rangers, more would be killed before he found his revenge.

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It is the story of John Slade an ex-Texas Ranger and former bounty hunter, and set in south Texas, in the 1880s. In the cold dead of night, the Hatcher brothers, two outlaws seeking revenge for the death of their cousin by John Slade, break into his house. They kill his wife, Emily, twin sister of Lynn Evans, and leave him for dead.

But when his friend Josh Evans and his wife Lynn, find him, half dead draped over his wife’s body, they were surprised to find him still breathing. After six months of recuperation, John Slade along with his friend Josh Evans set out on the trail of revenge.

In the town of Oakhill, Texas, Evans is killed, but not before Slade shoots and kills the killer in a gunfight. Taking his body back to his wife, Slade is attacked by another of Hatcher’s gang, when Slade transports the body by train to his wife.

When he returns to the town of Oakhill, Slade is attacked once again in his hotel room, by one of the Hatcher brothers and his gang of four. After a furious gun battle where Slade was injured, he kills all of the gang members and the Hatcher brother.

Along with thirty members of Company C, of the Texas Rangers out of Austin, with Slade and Lynn Evans joining in, they ride toward the remaining Hatcher’s hideout where they are ambushed in a gorge. Several rangers, in running gun battles, kill the outlaws one by one. But in the process Lynn Evans is mortally wounded.