Victor Manuel Alvarez was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and moved with his older brother and his mother to New York City when he was nine. While living in the Big Apple, he decided to join the New York City Police Department, but as fortune would have it, he was ultimately drafted into the US Army.
In 1963, he completed his boot camp training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. After that, it was airborne, then Ranger schools and later jungle warfare school in the Republic of Panama. His military awards range from Jump Wings, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, awards of the Purple Heart, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and Army Achievement medal, among other numerous awards.
Alvarez attended the University of Maryland while on active duty, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He served as an army police officer and criminal investigator (CID agent).
While serving in Vietnam, he saw combat, sustaining wounds to his right hand and right knee. Serving in Japan, he studied Shotokan Karate, obtaining the coveted rank of Godan or Fifth Degree Black Belt with the Japan Karate Association. He is classified as an expert in small arms and combat knife fighting, and he obtained the classification as sharpshooter with army assault weapons and holds a Japanese renshi (instructor) license, under the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai , in Classical Japanese Weapons.
After retiring from the US Army, after twenty years of service, he applied for and received his private investigator’s credentials in the state of Arizona and became an Arizona bounty hunter.
He currently makes his home in San Antonio, Texas.

BORN:  March 11

OCCUPATION:     Novelist, US Army Veteran

NATIONALITY:     U.S. – Puerto Rican

Genres:  True crime, fiction, nonfiction memoir’s, mystery, thriller’s

SUBJECTS:   The Huntsman, John Slade


The Huntsman

Victor Alvarez follows few rules, the real-deal, and with the backdrop of 1980s, Tucson, Arizona, he tracks and hunts some of the most ruthless and dangerous criminals free on bail – with may narrow escapes and jaw dropping shootouts and thrilling car chases ever penned. It’s what Alvarez’s fans have come for – and he doesn’t disappoint


No Time To Kill - True Stories of an Arizona Bounty Hunter

The sequel to the Huntsman. Six stories of hair rising action adventure of his time as an Arizona bounty hunter and private investigator. With gunfights, car chases, and fistfights; step into my world of an Arizona bounty hunter.


Kill Slade - A John Slade Western

The author of the Huntsman and No Time to Kill newest novel Kill Slade – A John Slade Western, tells of Texas Ranger John Slade, who in 1881, witnesses the tragic death of his wife at the hands of outlaws, and himself left dying beside his wife. The author, a new comer to the Western genre with this novel, is packed-full with gunfights, action, intrigue and some sexual chemistry and keeps it true to the Western genre.


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